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LinkedIn For Job Seekers: 7 Secret Techniques

LinkedIn for job seekers tips

Every job seeker needs to take the best approach for searching a job by using LinkedIn as resources. 

When you are looking for a job that time you cannot ignore LinkedIn. You need to be connected on LinkedIn.

You add people on linked and easily can make contact with professional people.

Most professional people know about LinkedIn and they have a professional account on LinkedIn. As a result, there are many chances to get a job.

Have a professional photo

A linked profile that includes the professional photo looks attractive and comes first when other people search result.

Upload your current photo and keep updating. Your profile photo is your identity. Display your professionalism in your photo.

You have to look around the LinkedIn at what the people are wearing on their LinkedIn profile.

Make your work experience in attractive words.

Highlight your work experience on the profile because job recruiter gives first preference to those people who have specific experience regarding the same job.

Join professional group.

As a job seeker you should join some professional group for building your professional contact, so on certain time those contacts help you to find a better job.

And the group will help and provide you guidelines for finding a job.

Make your profile public.

As a job seeker, need to make your profile public.

Your information should be available for publicly. Because when job recruiter checks your profile your information should be available easily.

Make your profile like a resume

For a job seeker, it is required to make a profile like a resume because your aim to find a job by using LinkedIn.

Job seeker should provide every detail clearly in his profile so that the criteria of job recruiter would match easily when he is able to see your information clearly.

I sure your experience detail should be in specific and bullet points.

Show your achievement

Don’t be afraid to show off your achievement. Recruiters always look for high performer and approach only high achiever, make sure that you include your high performance in your job summary and experience section.

Make sure people can find you

Make sure your contact information like mobile no, email address etc. Should be added to the profile, so the recruiter can easily contact you.

If you have added your communication sources on the profile, a recruiter can easily find you.

Get personal

Your profile is not just resumed or CV. It is the way to communicate with a recruiter.  Let people know about your passions and values.

Write a Headline That Rocks

Your headline should not have to be your job title and company—in fact, especially if you’re looking for good jobs, it shouldn’t be.

Use Your Target Job Descriptions to Your Advantage

Select a look at the job descriptions of the positions you’re after, and dump them into a word cloud tool like apiece of text.

See those words that are attractive?

They’re likely what recruiters are finding for when they’re searching for people like you.

Make sure those words and phrases are very lightly throughout your summary and experience.

Don’t Waste the Summary Space

Your summary should be around 4–6 short paragraphs using some proper sentence.


The description section is your leading opportunity to showcase the good stuff about you, with your target audience in mind.

Give a little chance to get to know you.

So what do you think the first impression is going to be if you an activity involving skill in making things by hand.

Your summary like some long, self-important speech? Or poorer quality crafts it in the third person?

They’re going to think you’re showy.

And it’s going to be hard for that reviewer to get a feel for your personality and style.

Be you here. Keep your brand message alignment with other professional marketing materials, but realize that LinkedIn is a platform designed for professional people interaction.”

Use Profile like Resume

Your profile is not just a list of job formality. It’s a chance to highlight your best achievement in your profile.

Same goes for your LinkedIn profile: Make sure your experience part is put weight on out with bullet points that describe what you did, how well you did it, and who it impacted.

Show Your Achievements

Recruiters spend countless hours counting LinkedIn in search high performers.

When they find them, they contact. Knowing this, you’ll perform duties yourself good to market yourself as a high performer in experience and summary section.

Add Multimedia Summary

 Add Multimedia to your LinkedIn summary profile with using 1000 words, mostly when it comes to displaying your work. LinkedIn you can add photos slide show presentations to your profile summary.

So instead of just Speaking about your work, you can show specialty of your examples.

Add Your Work Experiences

You can do the similar thing for each of your work experiences. So, put this to your advantage: Add your company websites, projects you’ve worked on, articles you’ve prepared or anything else that can provide a more multimedia look at your work.

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