Marketing Trends That You should know 2017- Comingweek

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Marketing Trends That You should know 2017

Marketing Trends 2017

Do you know what is marketing trends?

How do marketing trends help to your small business? You know in present scenario marketing has changed the world and marketing trends help to increase your sales and awareness.

In presence competitive landscape continued to put more demand for the small business than before.

Are you aware of marketing trends?

As trends inevitably come and go, the way we do small business identify the relevant trends at the right time is not only complement the brand, but also resonate with target audience think about the challenges and take a look at the top trends we have gathered to help you to develop the small business marketing strategy.

Well, one way to develop the best marketing strategy is to identify key market trends as they can show you opportunity to growth your business.

Market trend changes the way of working of any market. Identifying market and market trend are essential and important for the success of any business.

More important to Human to human interaction

Usually, everyone knows human to human interaction is more important to understand the customer.

The brand has parted with the segmenting audience by business to business and business to consumer, and instead adopted a human to human approach to creatively build a meaningful relationship with audience and customer.

Social media marketing industry reported h2h useful respondent for this survey report of marketing trend.

Collaboration of brand community

If you do not think as customer think of view then you will never able to understand the customer.

Do you know about the brand community?

Do not be afraid to make the audience feel heard by encouraging them to actively spread your brand message on your behalf.

Smart brands leverage the collaboration power of their communities through user-generated content and crowdsourcing campaigns it can even lead to the emergence of transformational ideas that the brand in a new direction.

This effort authentically engages the audience and allows them to develop a meaningful stake in the brand evaluation and success.

Use of technology

Technology is fundamental structural changes that can be integrated to achieve significance improvements in productivity of any business.

Technology continues to evolve, and it seems like every week, a new innovation is introduced.

They inspire attendance leaving them energized and connected. And interactive element can greatly support this idea.

In the coming year brand should take more sophisticated and thoughtful approach when integrating digital technology to bet support.

Technology supports both learning and teaching. It is important to strategically select tactics that make the most sense for your message and audience.

E-commerce for small business

As consumer get accustomed to making payments from their mobile device, the local business also needs to make it easier to accept payments online  With many businesses focused on growth, they increasingly value help in closing deals above simple getting leads.

If you were to track the risk of e-commerce in today’s business landscape  you are struggling to create a pre-ordering option within your current e-commerce marketplace, or you are anxious to finds out how your warehousing setup will interact with your online store.

You have to be using the right platform to maximize your sales potential.

Use best digital channel and marketing objective

There is no one size fits approach for selecting a channel. Be it Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn are different worlds and usually one fits.

Objectives need to be measurable, relevant, specific, attainable, and time- related.

A clear objective should not take more than a sentence. Many consumers do not want to pick up the phone to make an appointment anymore –or pay for service in person they have booked online.

They expect small service business to let them do these task online- with the same ease with which they buy things like amazons flip kart.

Encourage social media customer

With the growing trend in social media, building and encouraging social media customer is sure shot tool for the success of any small business.

Now days growing number of the consumer are looking to social media for information and inspirational about which product to buy.

Consumer purchase decisions were influenced somewhat or greatly social media and another study. Social media said they bought a product after sharing or liking it o social media channel such as Facebook twitter or Instagram, Pinterest.

Small business needs to do more to promote specific product and service on social media, not the just overall business itself. It is also important to make sure that the thing you post on social media are highly shareable’, for example, photos or interactive quizzes, rather than just text,

Marketing automation

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to platform and those marketing automation platforms will make it easier for you but automation is not new because it's more necessary and more relevant especially with the focus shifting and its segment your customer for improved email scheduling tracking them through your sales funnel and monitor social performance.

Automation focuses on shifting to writing Amount of content that is better that what your competitors are putting out.

The bulk of your time is this year is going to be spent competing for hardcore for waning attention of your audience. You may expect that content creation to take up vast time resource so you and automation are going to to be become best friends.

Location-based marketing growths

While retailer and brand have been experimenting with location-based marketing for a few years, the support was lacking from the major phone manufacturer.

The new technology like Bluetooth and APP smart is now widely supported by manufacturing and its reliable and cost effective solution for location based marketing.

The best way to create an interactive with your customer is to deliver and target the user directly at near the point of engagement.

That can happen as a customer near a retailer location or designed location such as special event festival show, sing technology that we can use push notification to the nearby device, attracting and getting attention for target audiences.