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Office Room Design: 9 Incredibly Ideas for Small Businesses

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Working from home? Sound interesting isn’t? Whether you owned small business or a business on large scale, the effective working environment is necessary especially if you are working from home.

Maintaining Focus and not easily getting distracted can be a problem while working from home.

You tend to get distracted easily and might face problem in maintaining the home and work balance.

But that doesn’t imply that working from home can be a bad idea rather it requires more dedication and committed as compared to working in an office.

Home office and its effectiveness directly impacts your business and productivity.

separate space

Having a separate space and proper space is top most factors to be considered while designing effective home office.

If possible make a separate space for your office so as to physically balance your personal life and professional life.

The best way is to set up your working station is to have an area which is distinct from your home area.

If it’s not possible at least don’t mess up your working station and keep minimum possible essentials on your workstation.

manage your space

Managing workstation space is another factor for effective home office.

Only keep those things that required on daily basis like for instance if the printer is not required on daily basis, then it is not necessary to keep printer at the desk.

 Another way to create more space is going for wireless stuff although it involves quite a high cost.

You will spend many hours in your home office, so don't stuff yourself on space. Also, consider traffic flow and your ability to withstand distractions.

Do you work best in the thick of activity, or should your office be pushed away in a quiet space? If clients will be stopping by, a private space with ample seating is a must.

Adequate Lightning

A good lightning is necessary to keep a good mood. Natural light is more preferred than artificial light.

If your space has a window, natural light is more beneficial. If natural light is not proper, a combination of both can be used to light up your space.

If your working space is in the basement or at such place where there is no proper light, then look for alternatives that will provide a substitute for daylight.

Lighting should be adequate otherwise, it can have negative physiological effect including depression.


While designing your home office, privacy factor must be taken into consideration.

Of course, no one wants to work in a pool of different noises. When planning office space, just be assure that you get some privacy from surroundings.

Air filters and low fans are some of the measures you can take to prevent noises distracting you. If the door is not available, be sure to put up a sign indicating don’t disturb.

Storage / Home Office Layout

Properly and giving an adequate thought about storing requirements, can create much-needed space.

Your choices right from pen/pencil holder to the size of your disk have to be properly and systematically planned.

Container storage or multi-layer drawer can be used to save various papers and other stationeries.

Your shelves, desk, and storage should serve you not the other way around.

Home office furniture should complement other rooms in your home instead of screaming "soulless cubicle". If your home has traditional decor, warm wood, and soft, comfy chairs or a love seat are ideal if you have space

Ergonomically designed office equipment

You’re Health and safety is a most important aspect to be considered.

Whichever item you select right from keyboards to sitting chairs must be chosen in keeping ergonomics in mind.

Many chair manufacturers have come up with unique chairs that can be adjusted according to the user so as to provide them with support and comfort.

Be it foot care, soft keyboard or resting chairs everything is designed to reduce work stress and provide comfort.

Invest in a great chair. You spend hours parked in your office chair; ergonomically-correct, a beautiful, comfortable seat is worth every dime.

The main objective of such kind of equipment is to provide maximum comfort and support user completely.

Personalized your workspace

While designing home office be sure to include various pictures and quotes that will help you to get motivated and keep you going.

Sometimes you can include aroma candles to add a personal touch to your workstation.

Unless you're going for a contemporary look, choose extras that enhance the comfy feeling of your home office, trendy notepads and sticky notes like a pretty mug for a pencil holder, and a decorative waste basket.

Wrap your bulletin board in a gorgeous fabric and hide bookshelves behind curtains made from the same material. Hang inspirational prints on the walls or a classic painting.

Color you love.

You need a color that gets your work motor humming. For some people, that's a bright, orange, cheery color like or lime green.

Others need a calming shade of sea foam blue or botanical green to perform. Find out more about how certain colors can affect your mood.

The psychology of color is real. Certain colors physical reactions, elicit emotional and responses from individuals. Color impacts energy levels and mood. Therefore, be aware of the psychological impact of the color you choose for your home office.

  • Violets, green and Blues, and are considered cool colors. These colors evoke feelings of relaxation. Blue can actually make a room feel cooler. It's an ideal bedroom color, but not an ideal office color.
  • Yellow grabs attention,that's why the most popular highlighters are colored It catches the eye like no other color. It makes people happy. But a bright yellow might be distracting or overpowering in an office area and could even cause a degree of anxiety.
  • Redis energetic and stirring. It always produces strong feelings and it can create excitement. If used in a home office, it should be used as an accent only.
  • White, gray, ivory and tan can carry small variations of color. So they can be neutral colors, you feel most comfortable with, such as a warm gray or a cool gray. These colors do not distract and can be combined with accent colors for vitality and energy.
  • Shades of purple have been proven to stimulate the imagination. Purple or lavender tones cross the line between warm and cool tones and can evoke a favorable response when focus and concentration are required.