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11 Sales Skills That Successful Sale Person Must Have

Successful Sale skills Person

Do you know about good habits of effective salespersons?Effective people have some effective habits, which make them able to convince the customer.

Do you think can everyone be a good sales person?

An only selected person become a good sales person. If you want to be good sales person you can follow these guidelines.

There is no competitive and tough work like sales.

Of course, this work is not easy. The working hours are long, dealing with the different -different expectation of customer’s so sales persons may be frustrated. Many times he has pressure to sell, achieve the target of sales etc.

Here are some simple activities those consist separate high effective salespersons from the rest.

Whether you are your own service or product or you are directing the sales team. These are more effective habits; by following these you can build good habits in yourself.

Extensive product knowledge

Well, sales persons know well about their product and services.

They have Depth knowledge regarding product’s strength features as well as drawback and benefits of services.

Without proper knowledge and information, you are not able to sell your product and you can’t convince to your customer.

Effective sales persons have habits of keeping update to them self about new technology, new added features in product, ever-changing market need and demand and industry trends.

Mostly customer trusts on a sales person more when the brief and demonstrate his knowledge about his product and service.

If you are seeing good sales person in yourself, you need to keep update yourself related your product and service.

If you don't understand what you're selling, you are going to retain a lot of sales.

You won't know the best customer fit for your product, so you won't be able to do a good job of qualifying expectation.

You won't know all the product's benefits, which means you'll be constantly missing chances to woo prospective customers.

And if a prospect asks you a technical question, you will not know the answer which takes away your option of presenting yourself as an expert or a consultant.

Selling without product knowledge is like running a marathon with one leg tied behind your back.

Asking more questions and listening more carefully

Effective persons always ask questions.

Effective sales person ask a quality question to throw a figure out their customer buying need.


They already know the in batter way to present their service or product to find out their customer demand.

The thing is that they know only asking questions are a direct way to know about customer demand. High successful sales person comes prepared to ask a comprehensive and quality set of questions.

When the customer answers they listen carefully and notice all answer. So they will know and try to make how they can best help to the customer and provide a solution that has real value.

Many salespeople are natural talkers. Unfortunately even a great speaker will only get so far without a little listening.

Giving the time to ask your prospect questions and really listen to the answers shows sincerity and respect for them, and gives you a good idea of what they want.

So how can you tell to the customer if you're doing enough listening?

The next time you glacial call a prospect, ask a question and then hit the mute button and leave yourself muted for at least a minute (or until you are absolutely sure the prospect is finished).

By forcing yourself to be making little you will notice right away how strong your urge is to jump in and say something before the prospect has stopped talking.

They give 100% everyday

Most effective salespersons not only work hard, they work very hard.

Instead of going home before closing time, they visit one more customers or client after everyone has left office.

They have focused just on sales.

Not only sometimes they do this every day. There is no excuse for work in their dictionary.

They people not only do the work, they enjoy the work.

Maintaining a positive attitude

If you have a positive attitude you can easily build good habits.

As we know that selling can be very competitive and tough business. When the economy is down in specific area and deals are not closing as well as forecast.

Sales work starts with hearing a lot of “No”, which can be very which can be wasteful or wastage of time.

Here sales person need to have a positive attitude. When he try to close the leads and the client says No, then sales person should not talk to the client in the rudely way.

Maybe that lead is closed in future.  Each leaddoesn't become closed. So sales person should have a positive attitude.

It's reality if you have a positive attitude you will be able to change No to Yes

Respect for all

Everyone wants respect from other.

If someone talks with you dishonor, will you talk that person next time?  Will you buy anything from him?

Best effective salespersons respect to all another person those people may be customer, client or future customer etc. 

When they respect to people it may be a strong way to convince and attract people for buying product or service.

The customer thinks this person is very good and definitely his product or service may be very good.

If you give respect to your customer ensure next time he will come to you

Expand your network

You can’t boost sale without expanding your network.

If you are closing a lead, Can you say only this lead is enough?

Sales people never think there are enough leads.  Effective sales people never close the lead without asking for a new lead or without taking reference for making other leads.  Sales persons always build and expand network.

When sales person closes leads they ask customer’s contact person, relatives friend etc. who would be interested in buying the product or services.

Taking reference is the strong way to make a lead.

They think from customer’s point of view

If you don’t think from customer point of view, you will not be able to measure that what kind of services or product customer wants.

Effective sales persons understand effective sales. In order to be more successful, they ask themselves to how they can help to the customer for boosting sales.

Sales persons think about the product and try to find out that what are actual benefits of our product or service for the customer if there is need they improve product or service.

Follow up

There is no lead or sales without follow up.

Follow up reminds the customer about you and your product.

Many sales have been lost due to no adequate follow-up. Nowadays many kinds of technologies are available, so there is less barrier to following up. 

When customer postpone the leads or customers want more time to think about your product. If you are serious about boosting your sales you need to be proactive to take follow up.

Have Goals

Don’t be reactive, Be proactive,

Successful people have a clear understanding of company’s objective and goal. 

Effective people have understood that what is the organization as a whole trying to achieve and how kind you help to hit that goal.

Here are rules we suggest you follow:

Building Strong Relationship:

Effective sales person have habits to identify what you want to achieve, and how in the same month or next month. 

They make a daily plan and set an objective for each task.

Building strong Relationship with customer sales skill is very as important to a salesperson's in his business life as it is to their personal life.

Making and maintaining healthy and good relationships is the key to developing a strong network of the customer.

Building strong Relationship skills will allow you to reach far, far more prospects than you could manage on your own.

Maintaining self-confidence:

Maintaining self-confidence is the absolutely most important skill a salesperson can grow. Why?

The first time you express a feeling to a prospect, they might not want to talk to you because they're having a bad day... but if you call back a week later they'll be interested in buying.

Self-confidence doesn't end with persistence; if you believe in yourself and your product, your prospects will be willing to do belief as well. Self-confidence will also incline you towards a more assertive closing approach, which is vital to your selling success.


Although you are the best salesperson is a work in progress. You can always find a way to improve your skills, work on your product quality, and learn more about the products and services which you sell.

Your manager especially directs you to make some changes if your sales start to fall, but if you are constantly working to become a better salesperson you can start working on the problem before it affects your numbers.


Emotion plays an important role in sales.

There's an old saying that “features tell, benefits sell.” Features are the facts about your product or service; benefits are their emotional invokes for a person to do.

For example, a 0% interest rate on a credit card is a feature. being able to save money while buying the things you need is a benefit! Persuasiveness is the skill enables you to bring these emotions to the customer.

If you can make your prospect feel how great it will be to own your product and how much their life will be improved when they have it, you can sell it to them.

Personalized interactions:

A lot of buyers want idea when they have an experience with sales or marketing for that matter.

They don’t want the not specific message or sales pitch.

Be Likeable

In many ways, success in sales comes from to personality. Ask a hundred star sales people what deal they take and you will get a hundred and one answers.

Almost all resistance to buying boils down to fear on the prospect's part.

If they don't like the person who's trying to sell them something, they're unlikely to buy no matter how great the product itself is.

But if they like and feel relaxable with a salesperson, they're much more likely to take the quickly and energetically.

Never Stop Growing

The primary rule of sales are always the same, but the tools and techniques that you can use to apply them are continuously changing.

Like doctors and lawyers, salespeople need to stay on uppermost of these changes. This includes internal company changes, such as policy shifts and product updates, and external changes, such as the kneeling of social media or new state and maintaining regulations for your industry

Sales people can never stop learning and growing.

But that's not really a drawback because if you're constantly learning and improving your skills, you're not likely to become feeling weary with your job. Instead of giving the same pitch to the same prospects day after day.

You can also travel through new strategy, talk to new people and keep stretching you in new ways.

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