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Marquees are used to create scrollable text in web pages that can move in every possible direction. And make the text more catchy and attractive to the eyes. 





Marquees can either scroll or slide. This is decided by behavior. The default behavior of marquee is to scroll.


Is used to set background colors by names or hex values.


Direction decides in which direction the text is going to travel. Which is left, right, top, and bottom.


Height defines the height of a marquee in percent or pixels.


Which defines the width of the marquee in pixels or percentages.


It is used to give a horizontal margin.


It is used to give a vertical margin.


It will set how many times a marquee text will scroll through your web page. By default, it will keep scrolling.


This is to set the amount of scrolling in intervals.


This will set an interval between Scrolls.


This will decide how fast or slow our marquee will move around the page.


Event Handlers:

  • onbounce :

It only runs when the marquee reaches the end of its scrolling position, and when the behavior is alternative.

  • onfinish:

It runs when the marquee is done by the amount of scrolling we set by the loop attribute; the loop has to be set on a number which is greater than zero.

  • onstart:

It starts when the marquee starts scrolling.



Marquees have only two methods,

  • start():

As the name suggests it starts the scrolling of a marquee.

  • Stop():

The stop method is used to stop the scrolling of our marquee.

In this tutorial, we will create various marquee texts to understand the concepts


<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>HTML Marquee </title>
		<marquee>  to the right  to the  left marquee</marquee>

		<marquee direction="up"> to the bottom to the  top marquee</marquee>

		<marquee direction="down" width="250" height="200" behavior="alternate" style="border:solid">
			<marquee behavior="alternate"> Bouncing marquee </marquee>

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