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What is the HyperText

Hypertext is the text that contains other texts inside the text.

Markup Language: It is a language that gives structure to our text documents and makes them more presentable and stands out on GUI. It also includes links, images, table formats, fonts, etc.

HTML uses javascript and CSS to give advanced styling and functionalities to the web application. 


  • It is easy to understand, easy to implement.
  • HTML is platform-independent.
  • It can work with many images, videos, and SVGs.
  • It is supported by all browsers.
  • It can use JavaScript and CSS.


  • We cannot create a dynamic webpage using only HTML.
  • Not very secure in today’s world.

Elements and Tags: 

  • There are pre-defined tags in HTML we used to help the browser read the code and display the content accordingly.
  • <>: this tag defines the opening of a tag.
  • </>: this tag shows the closing of our tag
  • Syntax: <Predefined-Element> </Predefined-Element>
  • Example: <p> there can be some text or other tags inside the tag. <p/>

Example :

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Title of our page</title>

		<h1>First Heading</h1>

Let’s read the document carefully and go into a detailed explanation of every point here.



<! DOCTYPE html> 

HTML doctype defines that the form belongs to HTML5.


<html> states the beginning of our HTML document. And </html> is  the end of our document.


The HTML head holds miner information about the document.


As the name suggests TITLE, the HTML title is our document title.


The body tag contains all the main contents of our document.


<h1> is a type of heading to our document that goes up to <h5>.


P stands for a paragraph here. And </p> is the closing of a paragraph.


  • HTML is a Simple Hypertext markup language.
  • HTML is used to create static websites.
  • HTML is very easy to learn and implements.


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