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11 Lies People Tell in Interviews and reasons why people tell

Some common Lies People Tell In Interviews

Telling the whole truth about you during an interview may be losing a good position to well-qualified candidates.

But in other words,

Telling a lie about your qualification, degree or experience will harmful for you. But you can tell a lie if it can be adjusted.

Sometimes people tell lie regarding career change questions. Some lie some people mostly tell in an interview.

Lies about salary

Candidates mostly tell lie regarding their salary so that they can get higher salary than a previous organization.

I have worked in XYZ Company for a particular

This is the common lie, which people tell in an interview for counting the experience. Because some job position’s requirement are a certain time of experience regarding the same role.

Check my reference

Telling about the reference may lie during the interview.  Because reference may be candidate’s close friends, room partner etc.


People mostly make or put something positive on negative impact for showing himself batter than other. It is not necessary to tell actual weakness in an interview.

My hobbies are reading, traveling etc.

It is the biggest lie people tell during an interview about their hobbies.

The main thing is these hobbies attract the interviewer during the interview and he thinks about a candidate that candidate is a very responsible person.

My last boss was greatest.

The most reason for leaving the job is a bad relation with manager or boss.

But during the interview you can not mention this thing. Say your old manager was a great leader you learned very much from him.

I am a team player.

People tell lie that he is a team player, and he likes to work in a team. Because interviewer selects that kind of people who are comfortable in teamwork and give the great contribute in teamwork.

I am perfect for this job.

People tell lie that he is perfect for this job for attracting to the interviewer. Because motive is getting a job so peoples like this job are very suitable and comfortable for them.

I am open to anything.

When a candidate says I am open for anything interviewers think that candidate is open mind and he will be beneficial for the organization in some certain situation (if happens in future).

I am a workaholic.

When a candidate says he is workaholic, interviewer thinks that candidate enjoys the work so job task will be easy for candidates. But candidate motive is only getting the job.


During an interviewer when the interviewer asks for leaving the last job if the candidate is terminated from other organization but he does not mention about his rumination. He gives other reason of leaving the job.