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5 hr interview questions and answers for job seeker

Job hr interviewquestions and answers

Jon interview is the main part of getting a job. If you are looking for changing your career, you fill face many kinds of the question during an interview.

It is essential to be concerned about your commitment to a new opportunity and field, lack of experience or more. 

There are many challenges that for changing carrier. Among them, there are some questions which may be asked in a job interview by interview.

Tell about yourself in detail.

Tell your detail according to your C.V. which things you mentioned.

Tell your full name, your birthplace, your family background. 

Then about your qualification in detailed fro....

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What Is an Angel Investor - Read perfect guide

what is an angel investor

Angel investor is next best option to go for when you don’t have any source to fund your business.

Getting capital for a business can be some time so difficult that many entrepreneurs pray to get cash. Angel investors are the perfect solution to there’s problem and prayers.

Definition of angel investor

Angel investor is who usually provides the capital needed for a startup.

Angel investor doesn’t draw blank cheques. They rely on progress and do well prior research about every aspect of our business plan before taking....

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11 Lies People Tell in Interviews and reasons why people tell

Some common Lies People Tell In Interviews

Telling the whole truth about you during an interview may be losing a good position to well-qualified candidates.

But in other words,

Telling a lie about your qualification, degree or experience will harmful for you. But you can tell a lie if it can be adjusted.

Sometimes people tell lie regarding career change questions. Some lie some people mostly tell in an interview.

Lies about salary

Candidates mostly tell lie regarding their salary so that they can get higher salary than a previous organization.

I have worked in XYZ Company for a particular

This is the common lie, which people tell in an in....

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