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17 Startup Hub: World's Biggest Place You should Know

World's top Startup Hub

Favorite destination for startup

Everywhere is a buzz around for the startup company. What destination can they choose?

Where will you build your startup before you get investments?

Deciding a place to start your business that gives best opportunities for making profits and boost sales can be tedious and requires prior research and analysis.

Here is the list of the favorite destination for entrepreneurs looking to start a business.

Want to build start up at the good destination?

First thing is to know what start up you are? Who is your target audience?

You need to understand many factors or parameters if you want to be in that business.

You need to properly analyze small and minute details too.

If you know what you want to build, you can do it anywhere or you can lock yourself in the room, sit it with a laptop and build your business.

It seems good but there are many advantages of starting your business some another place.

Places start from:

The list starts with your father’s or relatives or any of your friend or friend’s friend basement or dorm room.

Basically, we are looking for the cheap source of all things that provides value for your money.

Is there need to travel on this destination:

My own opinion is that you don’t need to travel to this destination but you have to have to go to different way.

Like you may know where is startup bubble? You may know from the network or from the internet.

Favorite destination around the globe is as follows:

San Francisco:

This is most Favorite startup destination for all over the world.

Easy access to capital, adaptable community, culture everyone aware and easy market assessed and easy availability of skilled workforce.

San Francisco is one of the best available choices for a startup but on flip side cost of living in San Francisco is quite high.

Roughly around you need to have $10000 as monthly expenses. Now you must be thinking of other alternatives to get started with your business??



London is considered as the very active city for startups and investors in Europe.

 It is prominent as a primary choice of US entrepreneurs for establishing their online existence.

Some remarkable a newly established business that are based in London include Transfer Wise, Role Point, Thread, Tweet deck, Wonga, Go Cordless and City mapper among others. Around 5,620 companies are headquartered in London with 8,495 investors.


Paris is known for being advanced traditionally in fashion and cuisine. It has a good network of place and due to lack of risk capital and angels, businessman is far more likely to be contingent on incubators, friends, and family for investment.


a million startup fund was launched as part of La FrenchTech for the growth of startups.

There is high software development proficiency thanks to superior universities that produce professional engineers each year.

Some of their notable startups are Stupefix, Twelve, Dailymotion, Appsfire, and Hypnos etc. It is the center of 1,538 companies and 5,887 investors.


Europe is among those countries which are a favorite destination for startup.

Europe gives the best value to your money. In Europe, many countries have a culture to be as one of the best places for the startup company.

Varna and Sofia to a most favorite destination in Bulgaria are the perfect destinations for startup – Varna is located on the coast of Black Sea whereas Sofia possesses infrastructure and capital to support startups.


Portugal has seen a downfall in the economy since 2008 and it hasn’t yet recovered.

Despite low economy Portugal is yet a favorite destination for a startup because of the low cost of living, easily availability of cheap workers while services are still up to European standards.

Portugal continues to be a destination for startup and is good for any kind of business, However, you need to find the exact place for yourself to land up.


Romania is going be one of the best choices for startup in coming years.


Ukraine is one of the favorite destination of Europe. A lot of outsourced work is being done from these places as it looks like Europe’s favorite hub.


Although Poland has a high competitive business it’s a good choice for a startup as the economy is high and it's continuously growing which attracts lots of entrepreneurs for startup.

Middle East

Egypt (outside Cairo):

Due to political situation and rules and regulations, the cost of living and accommodation is low. As long as you don’t stay in Cairo, there’s nothing to worry.

Jordan (Amman):

Due to Jordan’s scenic beauty and westernized and hassle-free living, its make Jordan’s perfect destination. In addition, there are plenty of growth opportunities.

Central & Latin America

Nicaragua (outside Granada)

Has become the top notch choice for business since last years. But most of the places outside are a bargain.

Ecuador (Cuenca)

Cuenca is known for its structured buildings, heritage sites, hotels and nightlife, which attracts lots of startup entrepreneurs.

Mexico (interior)

Mexico is no longer cheaper now but still there are many interior places which are not that high cost which can be an advantage for starting a business with low capital.



INDIA has been ranked the cheapest among world’s top 20 destinations for startup.

India always attracts a large number of entrepreneurs to start and launch their business.

India is the land of diverse culture, skilled persons and most importantly young minds. Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and much more are among top destinations in India for business.

Malaysia –

Malaysia is another 2nd most and top notch choice for startup. Singapore adds more value to it.

Thailand –

Thailand is known as “HEAVEN FOR ENTERPRENERRS” .It's affordable, cultural, and beautiful and originates.

Is Silicon Valley still the world’s technology hub????

Be it Google, Amazon, Microsoft, eBay, Samsung or be it Apple, they all share a common trait between them – they don’t just sell products, they focused on creating a platform.

The Potential to leverage effect of the network is what these companies had learned long ago and had mastered them.

This is what gives Silicon Valley a huge advantage then rest of the players in the industry.

No matter how big Silicon Valley is and how technology sophisticated it is, but the world is seeing signs of a big slowdown in Silicon Valley.

The following factors are responsible for slowdown of Silicon Valley –

Cost of living and shortage of affordable housing

California has been the technology hub of the world and home for silicon valley ,the cost of living is high as well as there is an acute shortage of housing , it seems the situation is not going to improve instead it will worsen further.

Being a technology hub, there are tremendous job opportunities with 1000s of jobs every month with limited housing supply has worsened the conditions further.

The monthly house rent is very high as close to $3500 which makes young entrepreneur to start a business in Silicon Valley nearly impossible. 

Hence many startup entrepreneurs are moving to places like Austin, UK etc. which offer affordable cost of living.


Silicon Valley is the best place to start your business but establishing you and your business in Silicon Valley can be extremely difficult.

Keeping the cost of living, jobs and other factors aside, Silicon Valley has extreme competition due to which it becomes difficult to start your business. So much completion exists in Silicon Valley that it is difficult to stand out, due to which many of startup entrepreneurs are moving to such places which offer less competition. Instead of loitering around Silicon Valley, it is advisable to launch a business at such places where there are less startup and much growth opportunity.

Silicon Valley has started showing signs of slowdown and this economic slowdown is taking troll on technology hub of the world.

Job growth slowed down, investors are becoming more and more frugal, the startup is failing etc.

A slowdown inflow of venture capital money, stagnant growth in IPO market and studies and reports are showing that tough times is ahead of silicon valley and soon silicon valley has to face problems and they projected the end of the valley is near.